El Tigres first full tut

Information This tut is all about how to cut out a spray and release it , this is good for a the people who start making sprays ill be using the same pic in this tut Photobucket Things you need in this tut Set up + cut out Transparent making a picture and posting it
Set up + cut out we will first start with setting it all to make a nice cut out of this picture Photobucket we started with this pic and we want to make it so we only got the bottle and the mint roll. 1. You start with a new document 256x256 and you open your picture , now select the picture and paste it in to the 256x 256 than you press CTRL + T and size it so it fits the whole thing 2.now you press CTRL + SHIFT + N to create a new layer , you put this larger beneath your layer of the picture and fill the layer with black ( this is becuas you can see the outlines when you make the cut out) 3. you select the layer where the picture is on and zoom in Photobucket or Photobucket 4. now most people recommen lasso tool , but i recomen this tool PhotobucketPhotobucket yes you see it good , the eraser tool (E) its really good tool when you zoom in enough and you can only see the pixels 5. now start deleting those pixels! Photobucket
Transparent Now that you got a clean cut out we will start making this of is Photobucket 1. you need to delete the black background just right click on that layer and click delete layer 2.now you will need to go to channels it can be found in the down right cornerPhotobucket click the little icon to greate a new channel. 3. now that have created a new channel , you will need to make the other channels invisble you do this by clicking the eye in front of the channel Photobucket 4. Now go back to you layer where the cut out is on , you'll see that every thing is turned black DONT BE AFRAID. hold ctrl and click the picture in front of the layerPhotobucket you will now see that you got everything selected Photobucket 5. now make sure you got white as top colour , hold shift + F5 and a window will pop up Photobucket just leave this settings like on the picture and click ok it will turn out like thisPhotobucket 6. now save the file as a .TGA
making a picture and posting it right click on your .TGA and add it to a rar ( i named the save cola+mintos so the it will say add to .. *cola+mintos.rar * ? You will now have to start up any game , ill be using Counter Strike : Source Go to options than click import spray and look for the spray rejoin the server or join a server and spray the spray, now press Prt Scr its next to scroll lock . Now close CS:S and open paint , press CTRL + V and save the picture as a .jpg now you have a .TGA and a .JPG now go to your photoshop again and go to channels and make all channels visible except for the black one and save it as a .PNG now go to fpsb and add the new spray!!!! the .Png will be shown on the page and the .JPG as screen shot and the .TGA will be the spray.